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Party Planning Just Got Easier with ECHOage + Prep Fête

As busy moms ourselves, we were thrilled to discover ECHOage when our oldest kids started attending birthday parties over 5 years ago. Since then, we've hosted countless ECHOage parties which make it so easy to both give AND get. That's why we are so excited to partner up with the amazing ladies at ECHOage to bring you a fantastic offer. Create your ECHOage party with promo code PF20 and get $20 toward your party total!

Pair amazing themed party supplies with ECHOage’s super convenient service combining group gifts, e-invitations and charitable giving, and you’ve got a PARTY!  If you're not familiar with their service, check out all about how it works here.


Why we love ECHOage: 

  1. It's incredibly rewarding for you and your child. Even a 3-4 year old can appreciate helping kids around the world go to school and drink clean water, keep the earth clean or help endangered animals.  
  2. Let's face it. Your child won't love all the gifts they receive. It's so nice to be able to give one bigger group gift that you know your child will LOVE. In past years, we've done a scooter, bike, giant L.O.L. Pearl Surprise - all of which have been big hits. 
  3. Such a time saver - as a parent of a guest, you really appreciate being able to RSVP and give a gift in less time than it takes to write a couple sentences of an email. Score! 
  4. Helpful reminders e.g. one week before your party ECHOage sends out a handy reminder to everyone on your list who hasn't yet replied (we're all so busy ... a kind little nudge is really helpful).
  5. "Thank you" notes are a breeze - ECHOage pre-populates a default note that you can update and/or add a photo from the birthday, and then easily send to all guests. 


How much do parents normally contribute on ECHOage? 

It is totally up to you. We generally find that parents give between $20-30 per party. If you give $30+, then you have the option of getting a tax receipt for the portion of the gift that goes to charity. 


Is there a fee to use ECHOage?

There is no fee to sign up for ECHOage and no minimum amount required to use the service. Once your party is over, ECHOage deducts $2.00 from your total amount for each contribution that was made to cover the cost of payment processing.


Which charity should I choose?

There are over 300 charities you and your child can choose from - big or small. Think WWF, Toronto Humane Society or your local school. 

Party Tip: If your child loves animals, how great would it be to pair our Jungle Animal birthday decor with an animal charity? Check out animal charities here.


Are there any cons to using ECHOage?

Trust us. There really aren't any. If there was just one small thing, it would be that sometimes you just don't have the phone numbers or email addresses of all the guests in order to send out the e-invitations. This is why we created ECHOage versions of our own themed birthday invites AND decided to offer the printable version FREE for a limited time. Check them out here. After you create your ECHOage party, simply fill in the short party link provided on the paper invitations and you're set!


ECHOage is a total win-win for you and your child and the convenience it offers to your guests. So pop on over to echoage.com to get your party started and enter PF20 in the promo code field to get $20 added to your party total.

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